Bon-Bond, the first powder feed binder!
Super Binding Agent/ immune stimulant for Shrimps

Most of the feed additives are in powder form (eg: Probiotics, immunostimulants, vitamins, etc.) and need to be mixed with the feed in a form that binds it together with the feed.

You would have been tired of using many liquid syrups, looking and tasting almost like tonics or liquid feed binders that get spoilt soon.

Again, we caution you against use of chemicals.

Bon-bond is the first powder formulation and is made from selected herbal products and no chemicals!

And the bonus is it is also packed with immune stimulant effect for shrimp.








The first powder binder that can be used for any type of feeds.

Better feed attraction which helps in less feed wastage.

It works in a wide range of pH and salinity.

Lower FCR and prevents stress.

Natural attractants increase feed consumption.

longer stability in water and the feed stays for longer time in water.


Add 10 g of Bon-Bond into 1 liter of drinking water while continuously stirring. Keep it for about 10 minutes for the gel to form. Mix your additives to this in required quantities. Add 50 ml to 1 Kg of feed and shade dry for few minutes before being broadcasted in the pond. Believe it or not, 1Kg is sufficient for 2 tons of the feed material.


1kg and 5kg container.



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