The company is actively engaged in Research in the areas of Marine Biotechnology. Alpha & Omega Consultants, Chennai the sister company had successfully transfered Technology on turnkey basis for the first indigenous probiotics in aquaculture in India. The three probiotics namely Thionil, the soil probiotics, Pro-Tect, the water probiotics and Lact-Act, the feed probiotics   had been successfully commercialized by a Chennai based company and are in market for about 4 years now.

Technology Ready for Transfer

1. A new Immunostimulant for  Shrimps

2. A New All herbal Ammonia adsorbent for Aquaculture

3. Protein hydrolyzate from Marine Wastes


Ongoing Research

In Aquaculture:

1. Probiotics of Marine Origin

2. Probiotics for ammonia removal

3. Probiotics for Marine Aquarium

Marine Biotechnology:

1. Value added products from Marine wastes

2.Luciferine and Luciferase production from Photobacterium / Vibrio harvey


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